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The only fanlisting for the ancient vampire master Marcus from the tv show "Poltergeist: The Legacy" listed at The FanlistingsNetwork in the Characters: TV category.

Marcus appeared in the double episode at the beginning of Season 3 and returned for the final episode of the same season. What makes him such a fascinating character is that depsite being a vampire master, he does not act like one. He does not command others around but rather does things himself, sometimes just for the benefit of others. If you enjoyed his apperance in the show as well, please feel free to join.


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New shiny buttons for Marcus

Posted Dec 5, 2009. Leave a comment?

Marcus has now new buttons. Please excuse the bad quality but the third season has yet to be released on DVD and for now bad screencaps from a shoddy tv airing is all I have to work with.

But chances seem to be se slim. Season 2 of Poltergeist is only announced as a strange DVD-R release. Not that this does me any good. I want it but it is for US persons only—well, MGM sucks and not in a good way. :(

And another character approved

Posted Mar 12, 2005. Leave a comment?

Marcus might have only appeared in a 2-3 episodes of the series Poltergeist: The Legacy but until Moonlight came out he was my absolute favourite vampire. I still adore him, so I was very, very happy, that I could build this fanlisting for him and give him the recognition and adoration he deserves …

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