Some Information about Marcus

I. Facts

Much is unknown about his origins or even about his age. In the episode "Armies of Darkness" Derek, head of the San Fransisco House, realises that Marcus is in fact the master vampire.

Derek says that his eyes gave him away, no matter how "fresh looking" Marcus appears to the outside, his eyes show that he had his share of lifetimes.

Marcus knows the ancient alchemist secret for creating a potion that allows vampires to exist in sunlight for a short time. It is still painful for them and apperantly wears off when being overused.

This blue elixier turns into a solid mirror, when it's contact with air for too long. Too humans it is highly poisonous, but an undead being like a vampire is shieled enough to not burst into flames.

He obviously cares a great deal about a much younger vampire called Phillipp D'Arcy. This vampire brought him in contact with the members of the Legacy, as Philip is in love with Alexandra Moreau an old friend from colleague.

It seems like Marcus disapproves about his young friend going after her, but nonetheless he supports him and lets Phillipp handle the matter as he sees fit.

Marcus also seems to prefer communicating and treating other on a more equal base to a certain extent. After all humans are mainly food to him. Style and politeness is obviously something he deems as important.

Marcus also possess skills in hypnosis, which work rather well, expect for the direct-confrontation with Derek Rayne, who is too thickheaded, even for an ancient master vampire.

Staking him is obviously more bothersome than deadly unlike with younger vampires who are destroyed by these means.

The only thing that seems strange is that vampires are supposed to be stronger than humans and yet they managed to stake him and drag him into sunlight.

I doubt that this truly destroyed him, he would not have been so sloppy unless he knew that the Legacy had no way of knowing how to lay him to final rest.

II. Fiction

Having so little information, it is only natural to come up with own ideas to fill the gaps.

Here is my version:
I think Marcus was born shortly before or after the Roman Empire was founded. He grew up in a normal family, was educated and one of his tutors happened to be a vampire.

Since homosexual relationships weren't that uncommon, I assume he shared quite an intimate time with his sire, who probably raised him with ideals close to this time.

I don't think he is Phillip's sire, but I think he meet him and took an instant liking to him. Seeing a companion in the well-educated art dealer, with equal spirit and interests.

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